Tedx: Need for Men’s Rights

Men’s Rights a concept which sounds alien in this modern era. We hear so much about rights for various groups, that we have ended up trampling on the most basic fundamental rights for men. Still on the backdrop of patriarchy we keep giving them the short end of the stick and ask them to ‘man up’.

Recently in an address in Tedx, the discussion was on Need for Men’s Rights.

The speaker very articulately explains the distinction between economic power and decision making power. He explains this concept with the story of Shantanu. Certain parameters can be used as a barometer to measure the health and quality of living of men in the society.

There is something very wrong with the society with majority of child labour being boys, victims of violent crimes being men and violent crimes committed by women on the rise. The discussion then went to if we are really living in a patriarchal society and the rape laws of India.

The presentation used at the address is given below:

Need for Mens Rights_TEDxJuhu

Let’s all Stand Up for a Cause…


Homeless Men

In the recent census data for 2011 about 1.05 mn men were found to be homeless with over 600 thousand in cities. Around 1.8x times more men were found to be homeless in the urban areas as compared to women. The situation was not very different in the rural areas where more men are homeless as compared to women. The all-India average is at 1.4x times more homeless men.

As per census, homeless people are considered as people who live in the open on roadside, pavements, in hume pipes, under fly-overs, staircases, or in the open in places of worship, mandaps or railway platforms.

It is majority men who are homeless and still we call it a patriarchal society and state that women are homeless. A marriage amendment law is being proposed which envisages giving the share of man’s property to women and one of the justification is that majority of the women are forced on the streets in the event of a marital break-up. The census houseless data proves otherwise.

What do you plan to do for the houseless men of India? Let us all Stand up for a cause…

Homeless Indian Men

Homeless Indian Men

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