Tedx: Need for Men’s Rights

Men’s Rights a concept which sounds alien in this modern era. We hear so much about rights for various groups, that we have ended up trampling on the most basic fundamental rights for men. Still on the backdrop of patriarchy we keep giving them the short end of the stick and ask them to ‘man up’.

Recently in an address in Tedx, the discussion was on Need for Men’s Rights.

The speaker very articulately explains the distinction between economic power and decision making power. He explains this concept with the story of Shantanu. Certain parameters can be used as a barometer to measure the health and quality of living of men in the society.

There is something very wrong with the society with majority of child labour being boys, victims of violent crimes being men and violent crimes committed by women on the rise. The discussion then went to if we are really living in a patriarchal society and the rape laws of India.

The presentation used at the address is given below:

Need for Mens Rights_TEDxJuhu

Let’s all Stand Up for a Cause…

4 Responses to Tedx: Need for Men’s Rights

  1. exploradvent says:

    Absolutely brilliant – I just wonder how could you control your emotions; especially anger….. But I know that a bit myself, as I am learning the art and am using more of strategy and optimism than tactics pessimism.

  2. Reblogged this on The Male Factor and commented:
    The questions “Why is it important to have men’s rights in India” is bugging everyone who does not understand the concept of misandry. This TEDx Video of Amit Deshpande clearly explains the points why Indian needs men’s rights.
    This video is an eye opener for many, especially for those who do not understand the concept of misandry. The related data and research done by the team shows the depth to which Indian Men’s Rights Advocates have gone.
    I found only one issue with the life expectancy data shared here which is 2005 data. In fact, more recent data shows life expectancy for Indian men and women as 65 years and 67 years respectively. One important point is in last four decades the average Indian male life expectancy has increased by 15 years whereas that of an Indian woman has increased by 18 years. This is a clear sign that if India was patriarchal society that suppressed its women, then Indian women would not have seen this improvement in their living standards..
    Other concepts related to the need of men’s rights is well explained in the video –

  3. olivermaerk says:


    It’s only good if society learns about the necessitiy to respect the male influence in society. The cultural narrative has been intoxicated for much too long. Great TED-Talk.

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