Comment Policy

The below comment policy has been designed for creating an environment of openness and respect. Would request all readers to adhere to the commenting policy:

  1. Feel free to comment on the post with your insights, thoughts and suggestions. You may also post follow up questions. I try to answer all the comments.
  2. The comments are moderated and I need to approve all the comments. The final right to approve, moderate or delete a particular comment rests solely with me. Comments will be moderated or deleted if they are found to be –
    • Defamatory
    • Abusive
    • Contains hate speech
    • Pornographic or have profanity
    • Misleading
    • Spam or Advertisements
    • Off-topic
    • Unlawful
    • Slanderous
  3. The ownership and liabilities of your comments rests solely with you. I disclaim all liabilities arising out of your comments and by commenting on the blog you relieve me of any liability arising out of posting your comment.
  4. Please donot post comments that infringes the rights of any 3rd party which includes intellectual property, publicity rights or privacy.
  5. Please refrain from posting chain letters.
  6. No impersonation of another person will be tolerated
  7. You grant me an express royalty free, worldwide and irrevocable right to display, publish, transmit or reproduce your comments on any media such as blogs, books, presentations etc…

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