The Fairer Criminals

Evil woman-Black Sabbath Battle

There has been a lot of discussion recently that women are docile and the ‘abla naari’ who need protection from the demons on the streets called men. Having this ideology many gender biased laws were passed in recent times such as Domestic Violence Laws, Dowry Protection Laws, Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law and the recent IrBM.

All these laws were passed with a premise that women are the victims and need protection. The due checks and balances of even prosecution for false complaints were omitted in these laws and we have seen rampant misuse of the same.

We will discuss today if there has been ay structural change in the society over the past 10 years. We have used the NCRB Crime data from 2001 – 2010 for arrests made for serious crimes such as murder, dacoity, burglary, arson, kidnapping, thefts etc… The data for increase in arrests by police over the 10 year period is given below:


Increase in arrest from 2001-2010






Attempt to commit Murder












Explosives & Explosive Substances Act



Auto Theft



Other Thefts



Total Theft






Kidnapping & Abduction – Women & Girls



Kidnapping & Abduction



Other Indian Penal Code crimes



Gambling Act



Essential Commodities Act






Criminal Breach of Trust



The number of arrests of the fairer criminals (women) has increased by a wide margin for the 10 year period. For crimes such as murder, attempt to commit murder, dacoity, arson and explosive substances the increase of women criminals is positive and in double as well as triple digits whereas we are seeing a decrease in male criminals. 66.3% more women have been involved in the Kidnapping & Abduction of women and girls. The instances of thefts by women have increased by 45.7% and robbery & dacaoity incidents have more than doubled. Cheating incidents have increased by 2.6 times by women whereas the crimes under the Essential Commodities Act have more than tripled (3.26x).

The structural change in the society is such that the serious crimes committed by women have increased by a huge proportion whereas the crimes by men have reduced. Can we still call women as oppressed? Are they still the victims? More women have been involved in the Kidnapping & Abduction especially of other women and girls. Cheating, theft and breach of trust are all crimes where women have contributed (negatively) more to the society.

Why does the media protect the identities of women sex offenders? Why are women commended on acts of vandalism? Many such incidents are regularly seen in the society.

What are the reasons for this structural change in society? Is it gender biased laws of India which protect even criminal women? The time has come now for all of us introspect and stand up for a cause…

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14 Responses to The Fairer Criminals

  1. abhimanyu13 says:

    Women are steadily entering crime in larger numbers because they can: new spaces that did not exist before have opened up for them. These spaces have to do with years of mollycoddling of female offenders by the courts, who no longer hold them to the same standards of good behaviour as in the past. The pendulum always swings for a community, this time the swing in favour of the fair sex is not allowed to swing back by feminist bodies, and the satellite NGOs, vapid political parties, low~caliber journalism and similar flop shows will not let things change any time soon…

  2. While the respective increases and decreases are interesting, the absolute numbers and the relative proportions of criminals of each sex would be far more valuable. In the form stated above, there could theoretically be a hundred women to a hundred million men.

    It saddens me, however, that India is following in footsteps of e.g. my native Sweden when it comes to misandry and feminist thinking.

    • Hi Michael, the absolute numbers will not show a trend. If we need to find a long term trend, percentages are the only way. In major crimes the growth rates of male criminals has been negative.

      It is a matter of concern that women criminals are increasing over the years for major crimes in India.

  3. Hussein Ali says:

    The bias against Men is so deeply rooted now, that we are just 1 step away from genocide – systematic killing and eradicating someone on the basis of religion, political or social status. Women are considered Sita & Men r deemed Raavans in this country and it is taken as a great social Pride if you have supported a women’s cause ..coming out in dharnas in support, making blah-blah supportive statements, making petitions & unjust laws for them is considered as an Act of Godly nature. Hope the day arrives in India when Men are put on endangered species list as it is Far Respectable to Die and fade away .. then to beg for basic human rights which being as Human Being – a Male/Men should have got in first place. Rape is heinous crime, but misuse of any laws, taking away right to Fair Justice, Delayed Justice for years on end, Making someone suffer for years n years on end inspite of being innocent.. is still nothing short of RAPE too.
    I m sad to say yes I have been Raped as well.. By this sadistic system, by the laws of this country and by the supporters of such misusers who have taken away from me.. what they cannot ever give. Its sad that Rape is seen as Physical, mental, emotional & social trauma for Females while, if it occurs with Men with all such aspects even if the physical part is not there then such thing is not taken seriously at all. I say is physical part then Rape only. Men too are suffering but sadly there is no eyes/interest to see their pain & suffering. With No Hopes…

  4. Agratha says:

    Hi! Could you please cite your references?
    I’ve been reading a lot of articles that say that rapes in India have jumped by more than 800% in the last 3 decades alone, yet I don’t see it in your article here.
    Second, the number of rape offenders who get arrested are few, while many roam freely. This is because victims are scared and are afraid of bringing their family dishonour. Hence, you won’t see too many rapists who are arrested.

    Maybe you should include more societal factors so that it doesn’t make your post seem too one-sided? Unless that was the aim of your post.

    • Hi Agratha,

      The article itself cites the reference which is National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

      Please refer to this link which has the past 10 years data showing the number of rape cases. Do let me know if you see a major jump in the rape cases. Your data point of 800% does not seem to hold water. How do you know that the number of rape offenders who get arrested are few? Do you have any data to justify your statement?

      The post is a follow up post to the analysis on NCRB crimes which can be found here. Do also note that as compared to developed countries like US, UK and Sweeden which have about 29, 29, and 64 rapes per 100,000 population, India is at about 2 (ie. atleast 15 times safer than developed nations).

      Further, the post could have been one sided if the growth % of male criminals was not given, I donot see if this is the case.

      • Jitendra says:

        Dear Agratha, Greetings

        Before ‘Anti-Rape Laws’ got enacted in India, the victims of heinous crime committed against them by perverts , felt it prudent to keep their suffering under wraps, for they feared that they will find it difficult to live respectfully in the society with that social stigma.. Thus, the number of cases reported was much less. Now, the reported cases have increased because now there is an economic value attached to reporting a case of rape; SO, the women with a criminal bent of mind, don’t hesitate to shout standing on their roof tops, ” I have been raped by so and so man (richer the better; old and alone the better). Yes you may be right that there is quantum increase in reported cases of Rapes in India.(sic).

        The day, the Anti Rape Law got enacted, post unfortunate Nirbhaya case, I retrenched my maid servant. I would rather break my back than allow someone to break my prestige.

        One Among All

    • I would urge to great caution whenever rape statistics are concerned. Your sources may or may not be correct; however, there are grave problems in this area, largely due to feminist influence. Notably, feminists have often tried to widen the definition of rape to include cases that are far more trivial or even entirely unworthy of mention. (Extremist have gone as far as to refer to consensual sex as rape when the woman changes her mind after the fact…) Further, rape internationally has an unusually high proportion of false accusations (quite contrary to feminist claims) and a fluctuation in these, should the same apply to India, could distort statistics considerably.

      While I do not have any systematic statistics at hand, you are likely to find some references by following this link

  5. Reblogged this on rohitsaystoall and commented:
    very well composed. gd work by the author.

  6. rohandharesh says:

    The problem is that there are too many white knights in this society who are every ready and always willing to defend women even when they commit crimes. Such white knights are the real reason behind women committing crimes and getting away with them. Hang the white knights!

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