National Crime Records Bureau – 2012 Crime in India & Suicide statistics Analysis (Final Part)

A few charts showing data on crimes in India –


Dowry Deaths



Sexual Harassment

Male Suicides and frivolous cases plotted on a graph and scaled to 100 is given below:

scaled data 2001-2010



  1. ‘% of convicted cases’ has been calculated as a percentage of the number of incidents reported during the year. (ie. Number of cases in which convictions were made during the year / Number of reported incidents during the year).
  2. ‘Frivolous Cases’ mean sum of a) Cases Declared False on Account of Mistake of Fact or of Law, b) Cases not Investigated or in which investigation was refused, c) Cases Withdrawn by the Govt., d) Cases withdrawn by the Govt. during investigation, e) Cases Compounded or Withdrawn and f) Cases Acquitted or Discharged.
  3. Data Source: NCRB Software for analysis Crime Info and ADSI Info.
  4. Please feel free to drop a message if you believe any data / graph is incorrect above. I would try to address your concern as appropriate.

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4 Responses to National Crime Records Bureau – 2012 Crime in India & Suicide statistics Analysis (Final Part)

  1. Gourab Panda says:

    Does the total number of cases also include ‘on-going’ cases, if so, the %age shown is wrong?

    • Yes, it would include ‘on-going-cases’. The percentage is a fair representation as many reported incidents are found to be false during investigation or withdrawn during trial. The percentage needs to be calculated taking these cases also into consideration. Further, as this percentage is calculated for a longer period of time (ie. on reported incidents), the effect of on-going-incidents gets averaged out and clearer trend line emerges.

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