Women Voters – Power of 49

Women standing in line to vote in Bangladesh.

I just saw the Tata Tea ‘Power of 49’ advertisement. The ad suggested that women are 49% of the voter base and have the power to change the election results. The idea seems interesting, let’s analyze the voter data of the past elections.

In the past general elections, as per the Election Commission of India, the percentage voters of India were  –


Men (% votes)

Women (% votes)














As can be seen above, the majority of the voters were women which is as high as about 60% in the year 1999.

Therefore, as per the above data, women have higher political representation and it is seen that a dominant group is one which has more political representation as they control the law making in a democracy.

[iii] http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/archiveofge2009/Stats/VOLI/08_VotersInformation.pdf

Please Note: If you have any concerns with any part of this article, do feel free to comment. Your concerns will be appropriately addressed and/or modifications to the article will be made.

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5 Responses to Women Voters – Power of 49

  1. sarab1275 says:

    Law making is dominated by the women. The Ad suggests that men dominate the law making process but the truth is that women have been calling the shots.. Much in favour of their side…

  2. You know what this blog will actually be used to demand more rights for women and they will armtwist politicians more. You have actually given new ideas in feminists’minds

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