Bonus marks given to Women Candidates in competitive exams

English: Taken by Varun Singh

I read this news article today. The news article talked about IIM-C giving bonus marks to women aspirants. Now these bonus marks were given not because they had more work experience, degrees or extra curriculars, but because they were ‘Women’.

The CAT entrance exam for the IIMs is a professional exam and giving bonus marks in an entrance exam to a few candidates based on gender is against all norms of equality and is unconstitutional. Further, quality of student is a question.

The media is terming this as a landmark decision, I donot think so, this is a ‘Regressive’ decision. This decision is biased against other deserving candidates who did not get a seat due to favoritism. Worse, this favoritism is by an educational institute which needs to instill the ethical and moral standards in students.

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