How to Start a Blog

Over the past few days, I have many requests from people wanting to know ‘How to Start a Blog’. For the benefit of all, I am writing this post:

What is a Blog?

In simple words it is a personal website where people express their views, opinions, concerns or share their experiences. Therefore any short write-up expressing a person’s views on any topic of his / her interest is a blog.

Platforms to start your own blog:

Many platforms are there for starting a blog where no programming / html skills are required to prepare a webpage. These blogging sites / platforms also give you a free sub-domain, such as; in this case is the domain where your blog resides and standupforacause is the name of the blog. These blogging platforms offer wide customization features such a themes, font colours, styles etc to suit your needs. The backend and SEO are all handled by these platforms without user intervention so that you can focus on your writing. A short list of some of the blogging platforms are:

What do you need to start your blog:

  • A catchy blog name – This will be your subdomain name such as in my blog’s case standupforacause is the blog name. The blog name should not long and should be easier to remember and spell. Always try to choose a blog name around the main theme of your writing.
  • An email address for registering on the above blogging platforms
  • Content: As a blog is expression of your opinion, quality content is a pre-requisite. Do remember to spell check your articles and use correct grammar. There is nothing more frustrating reading an article having incomplete sentences or full of spelling errors. As the attention span of the people on the net is limited, therefore always organize the article, keep it short and crisp and use simple language.

Howto promote your blog?

Care to be taken:

Certain points to remember while blogging:

  • Donot defame any individual / company
  • Donot copy content from the web without the author’s permission
  • Always link (refer to) content, data or research you are using in your post
  • Donot use explicit language on your blog
  • Moderate comments on the blog as you may also responsible for the people commenting on your blog. In most blogging platforms comments are only visible once you approve them
  • Use an appropriate theme, colour scheme and font style and size on your blog which does not hurt the eye and easy to read

All the best for your blog!

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