And here comes the netizen brigade of moral police…

Today I read many bloggers blogging on the topic of Virginity, and is it a character certificate. Many posts which were on the topic stated that people who seek virgins are uneducated, should be virgin themselves, should be slapped, should be kicked on their butt etc…

My response to these moral police:

  • Is the person asking for a virgin bride infringing any of your rights?
  • Open any of the matrimony column, there is a list of requirements by brides for grooms as well
  • Similarly a groom has a requirement, if anyone has a problem with that requirement, the mature thing to do is not respond to the grooms advert

Guys, appreciate that marriage is a personal thing and people have their own preferences. Imposing ‘your’ preference and morals on the other is infringement of the other person’s rights. What 2 people do, till the time they are not infringing on anyone else’s rights, should not matter to you.

In my understanding the people who are imposing their own morals on others are no different than the moral police.

3 Responses to And here comes the netizen brigade of moral police…

  1. Burt tried to promote this on indiblogger it is getting asphyxiated see if it needs attention.

  2. Gaurab says:

    Ahh…that’s literally a slap on the face of the new age moral police. 🙂

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