Road Safety – Helmets & Seatbelts saves lives

Today while coming home I found a massive traffic jam on the road. On inquiring, I found out from one of the observer, that there was a road accident where a motorcycle was hit by a bus. The bike had 2 persons where one died on the spot and the police had taken the other to the hospital.

After that I started noticing the way we drive on the roads, some of my observations are:

  • Not following traffic signals- We cross the junctiosn even on a red light maneuvering our way.
  • Jaywalking is a normal thing for people; please understand that its very difficult to apply brakes in a split second if someone just emerges in front of your vehicle.
  • Dangerous lane shifting- Not a single car or bike ever gave any indication before changing lanes. Further, the government has marked lanes on every road for people to drive in the lanes and not between the lanes.
  • Overtaking from the left, please be advised that nobody looks to the left and expects anyone overtaking from there. This is a blind spot and a cause for accidents
  • Not a single pillion rider was wearing a helmet on a two wheelesr. Helmets have been made compulsory only for ‘YOUR’ protection. It is for the safety of the wearer. Even during a low speed collusion a person can be badly injured if he is not wearing a helmet. To know more about how motorcycle helmets saves lives read this post.
  • Seat belts- I hardly saw people wearing a seatbelt. During a crash any object not tied to the car becomes a projectile, including humans. A seatbelt saves you from becoming a projectile.
  • Bikes try to overtake from all directions; even in fast moving traffic, they try to wriggle their way in front of cars / large vehicles from small gaps. This is very dangerous and in case the car/ large vehicle is unable to apply brakes, a small nick on a high speed, can dis-balance a 2 wheeler causing a serious accident.

The Jaipur Traffic police released a video few days back showing clippings of actual accidents, which were primarily caused by non-observance of the above simple rules.

A couple of minutes is not as valuable as your life, which is precious. Over the past 10 years (2001-2010), a total of 1.04 mn people have died in vehicle deaths in India. An alarming point is that  the proportion of 2 wheeler deaths has steadily increased from 12% in 2001 to 21% in 2010.

Road Accident Deaths

Let’s Stand Up for a Cause…


Source: ADSInfo tool – NCRB

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    Awesome post, esp the video… Kudos. And congs on Top Blog Selection

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