Trust between Indian Couples reduces

The number of joint housing loans taken by men and women for purchase of property have fallen by over a staggering 99% in the period of 2009 – 2012, an RTI by Vaastav Foundation has revealed. Typically, an investment in a house is a long term investment and consists of a major portion of the total household investment. Over the past few years, the joint loans taken by men and women to purchase a house has seen a drastic reduction, signifying an erosion of mutual trust between them. The percentage reduction in the number of joint housing loans between men and women is shown below in the graph –

Reduction of Joint Housing Loans by 99% during 209-2012 period

The drastic reduction of mutual trust between couples is a matter of concern and should be investigated into. ‘Family’ is the very fabric of our social existence. The family bond is a bond of trust and erosion of this trust is erosion of the very essence of the family bond. We must introspect on the reasons of this erosion of trust between couples sooner than later to ensure family peace and harmony and continuity of our social fabric of existence.

 Let us all Stand Up for a Cause ….


4 Responses to Trust between Indian Couples reduces

  1. Really this is a serious concern, but I kindda support this arrangement provided the person who pays the EMI keeps the house

  2. Thank you for writing this quality informational content. Your writing technique is impressive and enjoyable to read. You have many interesting points of view that give me pause to consider.

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