IrBM Arguments in Media (Part 3)

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This is the third part to the series of Irretrievable Break-down of Marriage (IrBM) Arguments in the media[i]. The Part 1 and Part 2 of the article can be found here and here.

Another interesting argument promulgated in the media for passing the Marriage Law Amendment is that women donot own any assets and post a divorce are on the streets to fend for themselves.

The argument seems to state that women donot own any assets and hence should get an equal share in an asset which the husband has created. This share is to ensure the safety of women.

Let us analyse this statement in-depth based on the assets majorly owned by Men and Women in India.



  1. Own a House
  1. Own Jewellery (Also classified as Stree Dhan)
  2. Also own a House
  • Jewellery: The jewellery in India can typically be classified as
    • Gold Jewellery: India is the largest consumer of gold for jewellery purposes and it is estimated consumed roughly 745.7 metric tonnes of gold in 2010 for jewellery manufacturing[ii]. (ie. Approximately 7,45,700 kgs of gold). This amounts to approximately Rs. 2.23 lakh crores (ie. ~US$ 37.3 bn)[iii]
    • Diamond Jewellery: As per a Bain & Co. report, India consumes approximately US$ 8.5 bn of Diamond Jewellery annually[iv].
    • Silver Jewellery: It is estimated that India consumes approximately 3,700 metric tonnes of silver annually for ornamental items such as jewellery, utensils and gift items[v].  (ie. Approximately 37,00,000 kgs of gold). This amount to approximately 16.6 thousand crores (ie. ~US$ 2.8 bn)[vi]

Therefore, gold, silver and diamond consumption in India for ornamental purposes totals to US$ 48.6 bn on an annual basis.

  • Houses: The real estate sector which consists of residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and SEZs was about US$ 50.7 bn for FY 2011[vii]. Of the total real estate sector, women do hold a decent share of housing stock. This data can be estimated from the housing loans given to women as a percentage of total housing loans. As per an RTI[viii] by Vaastav Foundation on Union Bank of India, on an average 19.6% of the women were given housing loans as a percentage of total loans disbursed. As houses are typically purchased by way of housing loans, it can be said that approximately 19.6% of the houses are held by women.

Therefore of the total real estate sector of US$ 50.7 bn about US$ 9.9 bn is consumed by women and US$ 40.8 bn by men.

The Summary of the yearly consumption of assets between men and women for India is given below:



(US$ Bn)


(US$ Bn)

Real Estate












As can be seen in the above table, on a yearly basis, women acquire approximately US$ 58.5 bn of assets as compared to approximately US$ 40.8 bn of assets by men. Therefore, the idea that women donot hold ‘any’ assets does not seem to be backed by data, instead the data shows that substantial assets are held by women of India.

In developed nations of the world such as Sweden and Germany, the properties of husband and wife are treated separately and only joint contributed property is treated as marital property. Hence, only the marital property is divided in the case of separation. This comes from the tenet that all able bodied persons should be liable for their own upkeep[ix].

Do you still support IrBM?

[i] IrBM is a marriage amendment law currently being proposed in the parliament

[iii] At Gold Price of Rs. 30,000 /10 gms and an exchange rate of 1 US$=Rs.60

[v] India’s Consuming Interest in Silver by Rajan Venkatesh,

[vi] Silver prices of Rs. 45,000 /1 kg and an exchange rate of 1US$ = Rs. 60

[vii] IBEF- Real Estate, August 2013, page 6 and 36, (adjusted for exchange rate of 1 US$ = Rs. 60)


5 Responses to IrBM Arguments in Media (Part 3)

  1. vishal says:

    nice article ..

  2. Deepak says:

    Good analysis,

  3. Hussein Ali Abbaszadeh says:

    As always … Bang on Target. But here in India, it is our second nature to be selective to either give attention to a wrong thing more easily…. follow the herd mentality and to Right away ignore things which are Real, Truthful and awakening. These REAL Truths our society, our mind ignores and only focuses on Women (aka : Wife) being the only victim of all the wrongs.
    Men are and sadly will continue to suffer the brunt price of so called Gender Equality which is being exhorted from them now.. INDIA WHEN WILL U WAKE UP… FOREGIN MASTERS HAVE LEFT BUT STILL OUR MINDS ARE SLAVES TO CONCEPTS WHICH ARE AND NEVER TRUE.

  4. typicaljoe says:

    Very strong arguments!
    I like the way you present statistical data to prove your point strongly 🙂 Keep it up.

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