Truth about India’s Gender Ratio

Birth order can affect human psychology, thoug...

We have heard a lot of discussions in the media about the skewed gender / sex ratio of India. Certain media reports and renowned economists have treated this as an elaborate scheme of female foeticide. Today let’s delve deeper into the gender statistics of India.

It is stated that many girls are aborted in the womb due to which our sex ratio is low and not equal to 1. On the face of it their reasoning seems to have some weight ‘BUT’ there is no research or report to show that the human sex ratio is equal to 1. In fact the natural human sex ratio is 1.06 males per female[i]. Converting it to a number which we all know is 940 females per 1000 males. So the natural sex ratio is not 1000 females per 1000 males but hovers around 940 females per 1000 males.

Many factors such as age of the parents, their environmental exposure, multiple births, birth order, stress and stage of ovulation cycle decides whether the X or the Y chromosome will fertilize the egg[ii].

The gender ratio of India is 943 females per 1000 males[iii] which is above the natural sex ratio for humans. If there was rampant female foeticide then this ratio ought to have been lower, which we clearly see is not the case.

So we come to 2 conclusions / hypothesis –

  1. There is no rampant female foeticide
  2. If we believe that there is rampant female feticide then the census date for 2011 is incorrect and the government needs to verify the census process

Which one is the correct hypothesis you decide…


12 Responses to Truth about India’s Gender Ratio

  1. Just bcoz i am a boy says:

    Most abortions and feticides are done by ruthless females… for their misdeeds or career…these females don’t bother if they are killing a boy or a girl child…

  2. Avinash says:

    Interesting piece of information. All the while i was under influence of feminists who in name of women empowerment trying to skew the sex ratio. The fact remains its a natures way of creating balance. Males are expected to all the hazardous jobs including going to war, and possibly lose their life. Hence your conclusion is absolutely correct.

  3. Just bcoz i am a boy says:

    Thanks for the link the video shows the resl dark side of the wife… & the law is actually being misused by such females…

  4. vinayak says:

    simple good point…. seek permission to re blog , as a one liner

  5. vinayak says:

    Reblogged this on my2centsworth and commented:
    world male:female ratio 1.06:1. So 940 females:1000 males. Indian National Ratio 943 Females: 1000 males, So Where is the female foeticide?

  6. This is a good blog, exposing the feminists lies. Indian feminists funded media tends to shout about female foeticide but not about infanticide where most male babies are found to be vulnerable to diseases. It would be interesting to see a blog about the male:female ratio at age 5. A thumbs up to your excellent blog!

  7. libremoi says:

    It is amazing how blatant is the misinformation on gender ratio.

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