Roads in Potholes


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Everyone travelling in Mumbai would have felt the pain of traffic jams and broken roads. There are hardly any roads in the city only back-breaking potholes. Every year crores of rupees is spent on the road infrastructure of Mumbai but still we don’t see any improvement.

For financial year 2012 -13, the total projected revenue for BMC was Rs. 26,581.02 crores (~US$ 5.32 bn) and a projected expenditure of 26,474.10 crores (~US$ 5.29 bn) of which allocation for road infrastructure was Rs. 1,466 crores (~US$ 293.2 mn) which has increased from Rs. 713 crores (~US$ 142.6 mn) from the past year.[i] Over the past 7 years BMC’s revenues have increased exponentially from Rs. 6,715.5 crores in FY 2006-07 to Rs. 26,581.02 crores in FY 2012-13, which is roughly a growth of 4x times (ie. 22% y-o-y growth rate).

Let us try to analyze the above numbers in perspective of road length of Mumbai –

  1. Total length of roads in Mumbai [ii]: 1,889 kms
  2. Average maintenance expenditure for 1 km of a 4 lane highway per year[iii]: Rs. 10 lakhs (~US$ 20,000)
  3. Total estimated maintenance expenditure per year for Mumbai based on above data (1*2): Rs. 188.9 crores (~US$ 37.78 mn)
  4. Assuming inflation and increased maintenance of Mumbai roads due to extra wear and tear and traffic, we use a multiple of 3 times. Hence, the total estimated maintenance expenditure comes to about Rs. 566.7 Crores (~US$ 113.34 mn)

The total budget allocation of Rs. 1,466 crores for road infrastructure for FY 13 was about 2.6x times the estimated maintenance requirements; and still we get a road infrastructure which creates this:

Mumbai Traffic Jam

Why do we get such a poor infrastructure even after spending more than 2.6 times the estimated requirement for upkeep of Mumbai roads?

[iii]  (Annexure 1, page 23 of Financing of the National Highway Development Programme)

Conversion rate used 1US$=Rs. 50

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2 Responses to Roads in Potholes

  1. sarab1275 says:

    The money allocated and the money being put to actual repairing for roads needs to be questioned to the BMC — Thanks to bring to facts to light — Mumbaikars jagoo

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